About Me

DannyIn 1994, I began working the helpdesk supporting Mac OS 7.5 and Windows 3.11 workstations. From there I moved into the server room to manage Windows servers and corporate applications. Along the way, I branched out into web application programming with Coldfusion, C#, and JavaScript, and administering MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases. I enjoy solving problems and writing scripts to reduce complex or repetitive tasks.

Most folks call me “Dan”, but Daniel has a wide variety of nicknames that I hear from books, songs, 70’s cop shows, 80’s Karate movies, and elsewhere. On the Internet, I go by whichever one is available. So you can find me on Twitter @dannysorensen.

When I can get away from computers, you’ll find me playing sports or hiking in the Pacific Northwest.  In the winter, I am on a premier Curling team practicing to win the Mountain Pacific region and go to Nationals.

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